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Veruca Shops: Product Reviews

This is a work in progress, but I am always shopping for the next new thing, and figured someone out there could benefit from my experiences with the products I buy. If it's on this page, I had a strong reaction to it, whether good or bad.
Baby Gear
Pediped Originals
I absolutely love these shoes! I will never, buy another brand of baby shoes for as long as I live. The tagline for the brand is "The Next Best Thing To Bare Feet" and they actually carry endorsements from the American Podiatric Medical Association. I bought Zach the Sam in olive, the Christopher, and the Charlie, and despite the fact that Zach has small but thick feet, they fit so well! One look at them and you can tell how well-made they are, from the leather sole to the leather insole with an actual arch support. I mean, seriously, who has ever heard of an arch support in soft-soled infant shoes? The company claims that the leather sole is durable enough for when Zach starts to walk, but we have yet to cross that bridge and so I cannot comment on it. The toebox is roomy for wiggly little toes, and the velcro closure and design of the shoe means they are easy to put on a squirming baby. So what about the cons? Well, they are pricey for what are essentially crib shoes ( I paid $32 per pair), but once I had them in my hands and saw and felt the quality, I didn't mind the price. Most of them are 100% leather (the Sam has a canvas upper), so they are warm, which is great for winter, but the styles I bought would be too warm for summer. (They sell sandals though.) Another con is that they are hard to find in my area. Only one store carries them, and that is the Boutique at my hospital. I actually had to order mine-they only had girls' styles in and I could see the quality of them and complained about not having any boys' styles, and so I was offered a catalog to choose from. Thankfully, they ended up being just as high-quality and cute as the girls' styles, and were actually true to picture, so I was not disappointed. (Incidentally, the girls'styles are so cute and numerous that if Zach were female, I would go broke!)  Zach has had his for months and they look brand new, so I don't anticipate needing more until he is walking, and then he will graduate to the next line, the Grip'N'Go, which I ordered. They ended up being just as cute, just as high-quality, but instead of a leather sole, they have rubber that is so flexible that I can fold the shoe in half with one hand. I'll talk about those more when we start using them!
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Taggies (R) Brand Cothing
Bumbo Baby Sitter
This is a little hard to review, because I love the Bumbo and Zachary hates it. It's nothing against the seat. The idea is awesome for babies who are unable to sit unassisted. It holds them securely in place, doesn't tip easily because of the wide, dense base, and is lightweight and actually rather space-saving. We use Zach's for mealtimes now that he is eating solids, but still isn't really old enough to need a highchair. I love that, unlike fabric or fabric-covered seats, the Bumbo wipes clean. I really do wish Zach liked it enough to sit in it for longer than 10 minutes. I think he feels too confined and would rather be free to roam the floor. If my kiddo had a different personality, this seat would be worth its weight in gold. Seriously. Learn more here .
Moby Wrap
Playtex Premium Nursers
Tommee Tippee Closer-to-Nature Bottles
ErgoBaby Carrier

Medela Nursing Camisoles
Glamormom Nursing Camisoles
Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack
Medela Freestyle
Medela Symphony with Preemie+