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Who's Who

Mommy A
AKA Veruca, Andi, Andrea--Whichever suits your fancy. The author, The matriarch of the clan. A respiratory therapist. A student, though I haven't decided if I want to finish an MBA or go to medical school on the heels of a horrible pregnancy. Mommy to Evan and Zach, and John's wife. I can juggle with the best of them. I love every role in my life. I'm whiny and overly dramatic most of the time, but I get the job done all of the time.

My husband. We will have been married 10 years on Christmas Eve, 2010. We weren't supposed to last, according to just about everyone around. In the meantime, those others have had their relationships crumble while ours goes on. He's a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, a good ol' boy raised in the sticks of Kentucky. He has a heart of gold and can make me laugh like no other. He is my best friend, my truest ally in the world. And no matter what life throws our way, I know we are in it together.
(Note: He quit smoking, but pictures of him are difficult to come by. Disregard the cancer stick.)

My oldest son, born a week before September 11th, 2001, leaving me to forever link it with his birth. He came into this world after I started having episodes of preterm labor at 18 weeks of pregnancy. They told us he was a "miscarriage", and he wasn't. They told us we should abort him because he would be so grossly disabled. He is not. They told us he would be mentally disabled. Instead, he is gifted. He is spunky and creative and beautiful and funny. He can also be our greatest challenge as he uses his high intellectual ability along with his ADHD to get into scads of trouble. But he is our first miracle. The first to teach us that love can be so limitless. He will conquer the world one day.

Our second miracle, born May 13, 2010 after episodes of peterm labor that started at 21 weeks of pregnancy. He is the surprise we never knew we wanted. He is the gift who came into our lives after almost 9 years of thinking Evan was to be an only-child. He is the one to show us that, no matter how complete we thought our family was, something was missing. He is my second chance to be a perfect mother. A great Wonder. The one who takes after me (so far). He reminded us of how much we love each other, of how sacred and precious life is. He is sweetness and innocence personified. We just know he is destined for greatness.