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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Benefits of My Workplace

I am usually the queen of organization. And I give scouts a run for their money when it comes to preparedness. But last night when I got to work, I realized I did not bring my A game. Really. I usually load up my bag with the various crap I take. When you work 12 hours, 3/4 of your day is spent working. So....I have to remember to take 2 doses each of my fenugreek, blessed thistle and alfalfa, my prenatal vitamin, my DHA supplement, and my birth control pill. I take them all at dinner, then take a second dose of the herbs later. I remembered those. But which s the most important on that list? (Hint: Pregnancy from HELL!) Yep! I forgot my BCP. So I called John. His response? "Do you really want me to schlep out to bring it to you????" Nope. I don't. That's fine Stay home. But he is now officially cut off.

But that isn't all I forgot. I went to pump the first time at 9 PM. Usually, I pumpinto small-ish containers, then dump into a milk storage bag until it is full, then start over with a new bag, etc. Well, these small containers hold about 5 ounces, total. Not gonna work for 12 hours. But I forgot that I used the last storage bag in my pumping bag last time I worked. My cup runneth over. Literally. What to do, what to do? Well, duh Andrea! I work in a hospital! There has to be sterile containers. So I pilfered through the clean supply room in the MICU and came up with this:

Yep, that really is a urine specimen cup. Hey, they're sterile and individually wrapped! Desperate times call for desperate measures. And working in a hospital has its advantages at times! Of course John about died when I brought these home in the morning. Oh well.


  1. I say - Way to be innovative!! : )

  2. Aah, I understand that forgetfulness. I bet that was a nice feeling to have your cup runneth over, even though you forgot another cup!