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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maple Syrup and Being "One of Those"

I started taking Fenugreek. What in the hell is that, you ask? Well it is an herbal supplement often prescribed to nursing mothers to increase milk supply. I read about it on La Leche League's website and raced to my local GNC to get a supply. Err, correction: Since it takes an act of God for me to find time to take a shower these days, I armed John with money and instructions and sent him to get it. I must admit I get a sort of amusement about my husband asking for something that increases milk supply, as I am sure he forgot the name on the drive there. But this is John--He knows exactly what brand and absorbency level of tampons I use, and isn't afraid to buy them in bulk quantities for me if I ask. So I really shouldn't be shocked about herbal supplements. Whatta Man!

Here's what I didn't know about taking this stuff: Apparently it is used to make artificial maple syrup. And upon opening the bottle, I could smell why. No biggie. But now? My pee smells like maple syrup. I can taste a hint of it on my breath. And I can smell it constantly. Upon further research, I found out that it is possible and normal for my sweat to smell like syrup, too. And that it would even be normal for Zachary to start smelling like it, since he is drinking my milk. Now I am wondering if my breastmilk tastes like Mrs. Buttersworth. John says the smell is just me, that he cannot smell it at all. And so far, Babylicious only smells like Johnson's baby lotion. But I thought this was interesting and somewhat amusing. I hope I don't smell that sweet. I can see attracting swarm of bees outside, to which I am deathly allergic. Reminder to self: EpiPen stays in the pocket all summer!

In the meantime, I have turned into One of Those. You know what I mean--the new mom who can think/talk about nothing but her baby. I always secretly had something against those women. I mean, how boring must life be when your life is that one-dimensional? I love that I have an interesting career and a challenging education and an entertaining marriage. These multiple facets of me make my life richer, less boring, more fulfilling. But now? Zach consumes my every thought. Maybe it is because I am off of school and work, so there really is nothing else to occupy me. Maybe it is because his newness still oozes from his pores. Who knows. But I understand those women now. I actually want to spend every minute I can with him, to meet all of his needs. For now, that is enough for me. I know from experience that this will eventually wear off and I will need more. I'm just too selfish to have a one-track life like that. But for this minute/ hour/ day/ week/ month, I am just Evan's and Zach's Mommy.

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