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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer's End

Next week, Evan heads off to the big Third Grade. Our summer vacation is over. The summer that 3 became 4. The Summer of Zachary. Of recovery. Of Evan learning to be a big brother. Wow.

I remember when I first found out my due date, when I first discovered Zach was coming. I had all of these rosy visions of my summer off of work, on maternity leave, with nothing to do but hang with my boys. Ha! I should've known that, with my history of my pregnancy with Evan, things would not go as planned. Instead of having 6 weeks of time with just Evan once school let out last year before Zach's arrival, Zach came home from the hospital 2 days before Evan's last day. So the entire summer was spent adapting to having 2 instead of 1. So much for quality me with just Evan. So much for plans.

So now here we are. Ev goes back the 16th of August. We are one year closer to the day when he will be heading off to college. Of course this dreaded day is being rushed as we are trying to make the decision on whether we should send our little angel to the gifted and talented school in 5 th grade like is being reccommended to us. This would mean he would be graduating 3 years early. Right now, I can't even handle the thought. But in the meantime, 3rd grade is.

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