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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Found It

Okay, so I'm a bag snob. I usually focus my pickiness on my handbags, but I tend to get pretty particular about any, to be honest. Well, I have a baby again, and this means DIAPER BAG. Which often replaces my purse because to carry both is just too much! But I couldn't find one I liked. Either they were too feminine and John wouldn't carry it. Or they weren't roomy enough. Or they didn't have any interior pockets for organization. Or they were too expensive (hey, I know from experience that diaper bags take a beating). Sometimes, they were all of the above. Plus I really, really wanted a cutesy one with Zach's name. And I found it! (And before you think I am all Zach and no Evan, I also bought Evan a personalized backpack from the same woman!)


  1. I love this bag! I like the compartments. Mine is just one big compartment...I hate it!

  2. That's how my old one was and I hated it, also! And Thanks!