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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Want Cake

I really do. I have 13 minutes left of my birthday and I want cake and am feeling jilted. I tried to replace coveted cupcake with string cheese, a la my new P90X diet plan. It didn't work. The cheese didn't come with frosting. Or sprinkles. And so I now feel like a spoiled little kid, pouting. Except that I have only admitted this here, on my blog. Oh well. I'll live, I suppose.
I'll be going home in the morning and doing my workout for today, which is Extreme Cardio or something like that. Whatever, it sounds like death. John and I took our "before" pics today, and I had the plan to put them on my little fatty-to-skinny blog, but Hell-to-the-nah, I am not showing that crap to anyone. I mean, do I really look like that? Seriously? So, in other words, I may want cake, but I definitely need to stay away from it.

Incidentally, I learned today that they are a gazillion ways to do a push-up. And all of them equally suck.
John learned what "downward dog" and "child's pose" meant. Ha!

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