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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zach's Week in Pics

Nothing special about this one (other than an illustration of the fauxhawk I described in a previous post) . This was tonight. It seems he has grown in leaps and bounds just in the past 2 weeks or so. He's proven to me that preemie or not, he will do everything in his own time. And that whatever time that may be, it will be just fine. And normal. And healthy. This child, just like Evan, is such a joy in my life. Who could've guessed my heart could hold so much?
Crawling now. Really crawling.

Ahhhhh, Goodnight Moon. It never gets old. This past week, Zach showed us he has inherited Mommy's love of books.

Gah! And with just one look at this, my heart dissolves.

Two fabulous words: Teething Biscuits. These are Earth's Best organic whole wheat ones.

Bathtime has gotten so much more fun now that he is a more confident sitter. Yesterday,he completely drenched me with his playful splashes.

And this one. In his bedroom,with John kneeling on the floor beside him, playing. And John gasps, "Andrea, look!" And I do. And I see this. After worrying and fretting about his perceived delays. Zachy sits. With no help. Without faltering. This is motherhood. The joys of an aced exam, the feeling after a successful resuscitation at work...All of these and more were reluctantly traded in to bring this little boy into the world so I could have this experience with him. And it was all so worth it.


  1. I love the pics! He is adorable. I especially like the last one. It looks as though he's been touched by an angel.

  2. Thanks. And I know! Funny thing is, that day was sort of overcast, so I'm not sure where that light came from. When I saw it, I thought "Mom, is that YOU???" LOL