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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Evidence of Old Age

I left myslef signed onto a computer in our department at work while I went to treat a patient in the ER the other day at work, and one of the other therapists, who is ever the jokester, changed my screen saver under my login.

The scrolling marquee on Windows. And it says this:
"S-S-S-S. A-A-A-A. F-F-F-F. E-E-E-E. T.T.T.T. Y-Y-Y-Y. Safety. Dance."

Obviously, he is about my age. But the night shift therapists, as I have mentioned before, are very young. And I never changed it back. So last night, while at work, my computer switched over to my screen saver, and they all asked me what in the hell it was supposed to mean.

"It doesn't mean anything. It's a song? From the 80's. Haven't you guys ever heard that song????"

Blank stares all around. I have never felt so old.

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