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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Shopping is Lovely

So I had this big in-store credit for the breastfeeding boutique. Which would have come in handy any time in the past 10 months, because this woman literally has every-stinkin'-product for breastfeeding moms that I have purchased. My herbal supplements, my end-of-the-alphabet-sized nursing bras. Even all of my nursing tanks I have layered under my clothes for all of this time (doesn't seem like a biggie until you consider that everybody else carries the ones designed for stick-thin women, and aside from a few people I know, what mom is a stick immediately postpartum???). But now? Now that Zach is almost a year old and I have decided I am done? I didn't think I would find a thing.

I was wrong. I was so wrong, And it all seemed free because I didn't have to pay for any of it with plastic or paper! Which made me feel like I was on Cloud 9.

First of all, Big Baby Woombies. (B, you asked me about these a long time ago, and I wish I would've tried them then!) Here's the skinny on the swaddlers: Zach still sleeps swaddled. He shoulldn't because he is 10 months old, but he sleeps so well that way that I can't fight it. But he gets his arms loose now, waking himself up. The Woombies are made like a sleeper, zipping all the way up to the neck, and are confining, but still stretchy enough for him to wiggle and squirm. And I got 2 of them. And we heart the Woombies. Seriously. They also have one that lets you gradually train them to sleep without it by gradually giving them more freedom with their arms. We will be using that, I can tell you right now.

Bebe au Lait Double Reversible Bibs: I bought only one of these because they were really pricey in my book. $25.00 for one bib, when I honestly usually buy the 10-pack of bibs at BRU for $10, simply because they get stained. But this bib seemed posh and cute and the design and concept was really neat, so I decided to try one. Plus, since they are made to match the patterns of Hooter Hiders nursing covers, the majority of the patterns were rather feminine, and I only found one pattern in the store that would not make Sniper John the Marine freak the eff out. But I love it enough that I will be ordering more. After I see how it holds up in the laundry, of course.
Baby Legs. I bought a pair of Baby Legs and they are the best thing since sliced bread! Because Zach is at that age where he wants to go go go, diaper changes have become a pain in the butt, especially when he does the dirty. He spends the entire time trying to get away, and some times he is successful. Anything that complicates that is bad--i.e. pants. But with these, you can keep his legs covered, all warm and protected as he crawls all over, yet he can be in a onesie, so diaper changes are quicker and closer to painless. He still protests, and now that he babbles more, the newest thing is to cry, "OhMAMAMAMAAAAA!", which successfully breaks my heart and melts me in one step. But it really is quicker, so I have to endure the heartbreak less. Of course John couldn't help but point out their resemblance to leg warmers of 80's fashion, which had to be the most useless fashion fad ever (I still had them, though--don't laugh at me!). The entire first night Zach had them, John was singing Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". We need more of these, too.
I got a Maya Wrap. I know, I know. The Ergo was supposed to be the carrier to replace all of them. But I was talking about it being harder to use now that Zach is bigger and that the hip carry in it seems way complicated. And the woman's daughter, there working with her 18-month-old daughter in tow, did a demonstration for me on carrying a big baby in it, and I was sold. We used it today at the park and it worked like a charm.
And finally, the subject of the picture above: I bought Zach a Sophie the Giraffe. So many people I know swear by this teething toy. And here's the thing: Zach really doesn't gum anything. We have tried anything and everything: those soft flexible hands and feet that Evan loved when he was a baby (boy, did I have to hunt for them in order to try them for Zach!), textured rings, rattles with teething ends on them, the water-filled ones that go in the fridge, wooden ones....Anything that would catch his interest and would relieve his sore gums. The kid still has no teeth, so I want him to find something that works in order to help him help himself to break them through. They're still right there! The only thing we hadn't tried was Sophie. ("Sophie le Girafffffeeeee" according to a coworker of mine with a 7-month-old girl). And so I got Zach a Sophie. And it went like this: I bring it home, and John sees the price tag and flips out that I spent $25 on a rubber teething toy, first of all. I am trying to explain to him that it is the teething toy, and apparently Mason of Kardashian fame even has one (again, the girl at work). And it is going to cure the endless teething. I mean, we are going to wake in the morning and all 4 of the teeth that are straining against Zach's gums are going to be out. All because of $25 Sophie. And then I get the box opened. And the first thing that comes to mind is a 99-cent doggy chew toy. It really does have that texture. And smell. And sound. Honestly I am kind of appalled because I immediately think that I could have gone to Petsmart and achieved the same effect. I mean, am I giving my baby a dog toy? But I get over it and give it to Zach.
Zach effing hates Sophie. He puts it up to his face, and I think this is it, he is going to chew on it! But then he must've smelled her aroma, which smells like a box of latex gloves or a freshly unwrapped Trojan (you pick), and he wrinkles his nose and throws her. And I retrieve her and give her back to him. Same reaction. I had the camera all ready to take a picture for you, but he kept throwing her. Finally, while he was all smiley and interacting with me, I slyly sat Sophie on his lap and snapped the above pic. What you don't see in it is that 2 seconds after the pic was taken, he discovered that the offending giraffe was back, and Sophie abruptly flew across the room again. We are a stubborn bunch, though, and Evan and I are dead-set on teaching Zach to love Sophie like he is supposed to. John just laughs at us, but between Evan and I, Sophie is always there with Zach. He'll get used to her and we'll have the miraculous teeth popping through little swollen gums, I swear. That has to be the case because I am out of options for the teething, y'all.
And so that concludes my free shopping experience, It was real. It was fun. I got some stuff I love for the baby. And then I was abruptly thrust back into the real world by a phone call that Zach's new Pediped shoes had come in and I had to go and pay for the $200 shoe order. Such is life.


  1. The woombie!! If I had found it sooner it might have worked with Cole, but we had to stop swaddling when he made it clear it was not his thing. I didn't remember a smell with the Sophie we got but we got it months ago, so it's a blur. I saw your FB post, so maybe it did something. Cole liked the razberry pacifier/teether for a little while, but now, he likes his hands and the toothbrush we got him. Also, my friend has the maya wrap, but she has the ring sling. Is that what you got? Do you wear it on the hip? My friend hasn't been able to figure out the hip position. Would you post a picture of you wearing the wrap? I'd love to see how you wear it. I'd like to get one, because I am not thrilled with the ring sling I have. It doesn't hold COle very well. Anyway, I loved this post! So much fun baby stuff to read about.

  2. Yep it's the ring sling. I wear it sort of cross-body, with the fabric bracing Zach's but, so he is sitting like in a chair, with his legs dangling, then pull the fabric tight so he can't slip out and he is basically in the same position he would be in if I were carrying him on my hip. I'll try to post a pic soon. I should be off of crutches in a few days.