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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Proof of Life

Sorry. Not much to post about. Working like crazy, recovering well from the tendonitis in my left foot and ankle. Starting classes in a couple of days and spending my non-working hours doing such thinks as making sure I know how to navigate the online college experience and obtaining textbooks and needed software. Plus we are in the market for a new car and I have been dealing with that as well. So far, I have looked at the VW Toureg (too expensive), the VW Routan (grrr, a minivan), the CR-V (not much more room than we have now). Next up is the Chevy Traverse (love it, but we'll see what the dealer can do for me on price). Plus I'm trying to finish the book I've been reading that is completely unrelated to work or school before I find myself in the throes of juggling like a madwoman again. Sorry. Boring boring boring. Hope everyone is doing well out there in the Blog World. P.S. Zach has 2 teeth now. So cute.


  1. I get you! I good for you for reading something else. I must have one or two books going at all times or else.

  2. Love the Traverse! (We have a Tahoe--sucks on gas!)
    And I LOVE the new background! How did you do that?!

    About my carpet problems--you think there's like a problem underneath--like mold--that's causing the spots?!

  3. Mary, I am ALWAYS reading something.
    And Sarcasm--yep, always.
    Jenny--not sure. I didn't mean to scare you, but we had old carpets in this house we rented once, and I have a Kirby vacuum/ steam cleaner. We kept getting these spots that couldn't be explained, and because of my allergies, I would steam clean the carpets once a month. They would come up when cleaned, and be back a week later. My landlord finally replaced the carpet and the padding underneath had mold and grime and residue from old spills, so as I would shampoo and the padding would get moist, it wouldn't take long for them to surface again. Very gross to think about--dirt and grime from previous occupants. I hope this isn't the case with yours, but if you did the hardwood, you would never have to worry about this again.

  4. Oh and the background is actually a Microsoft paint picture, where I pasted in pics of the boys, then saved it as a jpg file. On the blogger template designer, you can upload a photo for the background, and so I uploaded that jpg. Pretty easy, actually.