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Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Going To Hell

Okay, so we are horrible. We healthcare people. Because in order to do what it is we do everyday in an ICU, we have to make crude and completely inappropriate jokes. It's a defense mechanism, peeps.

And if Ol' Aunt Gertrude is dying, we call that "Catchin' the Jesus Bus". Seriously. So imagine my surprise to find this:

Ha! Hahahahaha. The devil is waiting for me in Hell.


  1. You are NOT going to hell!

    But if you do, wanna be my roommate?

  2. At least you will have a whole lot of fun on the Satan bus as we all go down ;) (Now we're REALLY going to hell...)

  3. Ha! Mary, I could not think o a funner roommate to have!
    An Quincy, I'm glad I won't be alone!

  4. If that's some drunken party bus for bachelorette parties, then just inappropriate....

  5. I think almost every profession makes inappropriate jokes to get through the day. so then we are probably all going to hell.