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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Da' Hook-Up

A coworker of mine asked if I needed any clothes for Zach last week. Zach actually has more clothes than he will ever be able to wear, but I was prepared for a preemie, and so the biggest size I bought was 0-3 months. So I said he would need fall and winter clothes later on. So my coworker told me he had large bins of baby clothes from his 2 sons, both born around the same time of year as Zach. I told him I would take them. I offered money, and he didn't want any. I mentioned something about returningthem later, and he didn't want them back. I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but after that, I honestly expected the clothes to be worn out or stained or both. Ummmmm, no.

He gave me 2 enormous bins full of nothing but designer baby clothes,in pristine condition (some even had tags on them), in the perfect sizes for the seasons as Zach grows. I swear,my child will not need any new clothes for the next 2 seasons! This is what I call a hookup!

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