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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing About Nothing

Nothing to report, but hmmmm. Maybe I am a little bored and so I thought I would write something, anything today.

The adventures of Andrea, the Milk Maid, continue and I actually have a few work days' worth of breastmilk frozen and ready to go for my big return to work after all of these months. Now I have to teach John how to handle it. I about had a cow when I opened the refrigerator yesterday and found a breastmilk freezer bag I was working on filling turned upside down and laying in the bottom. Whether it was John or Evan behind it remains to be seen, but these days, my milk is like liquid gold in this house, and its squandering is punishable by death.

I also learned today that my husband would make the worst secretary imaginable. Apparently he fielded a call from our doctors' office regarding Zach's newborn thyroid screen. He couldn't tell me what whether it was negative and needed to be positive or vice versa. All he knew was that there was something abnormal and this something needed to be repeated to see if it was still abnormal. He couldn't tell me if I need to take the baby to the office or to the lab at the hospital to have the test repeated. So now I am waiting for a return call from the same doctor so I can get the correct infomation, and I am totally wondering if it would be too much of a blow to John if I had them note in both boys' charts to only discuss medical issues with me. Gah!

So that is it. My mundane little life is compltely uneventful. I kind of like it this way, actually.

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