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Sunday, June 6, 2010


We got the call Friday evening from our family doctor to tell us that Zach's bloodwork was perfect. I was so relieved that tears started rolling before I could even hang up the phone. As of right now, both boys have a clean bill of health.

Of course at the doctor's office on Friday, Evan was bouncing off the walls. My nerves were already frazzled because we had taken Zach to the lab first to have his blood drawn. They did that by heel stick, which is the least of the possible evils, but they wanted 3 vials of blood from that one little heel stick, and so I had to hold my sweet angel while he screamed and screamed. My patience was shot.

So the doctor comes in the room and takes one look at me and knows. Evan had lost 11 pounds since January, which had prompted them to stop his meds 2 weeks ago. In those two weeks, he has managed to gain back 5 of those pounds. So after seeing his behavior in the office, and after hearing the tales of his misadventures at home the past two weeks, we ending up leaving the office with a fresh new script for Straterra. I'm pretty excited about this combined with the start of behavioral therapy. I'm hoping we can get a grip on these issues my oldest angel is having way before school starts.

In the meantime, I have been gearing up for my big return to work. I have been counting down the days since that dreadful day in January when I started with my preterm labor shenanigans. But now that the day is approaching? I am so sad to be losing this time with my boys. Granted my full-time schedule is only 36 hours per week, spread out over only 3 days. But still...
So what does gearing up for my return to work involve? Washing and organizing scrubs. And since I am constantly on the prowl for cute scrubs, I have such an enormous quantity that I could go about 6 months without ever wearing the same pair twice. But they have all been collecting dust. So they have all been laundered. I sorted through what were originally intended to be pregnancy scrubs that are now too big, older scrubs that are faded or in ill repair, my skinny scrubs that were initially packed away when I first heard the word "pregnant"....I managed to come up with a huge box to donate to charity. Next on my list was to find comfy nursing bras, which was no small task considering my cup size is a little further along in the alphabet than should ever be natural. I was just about to be custom-fitted for some (waaaaay expensive--about $300 for 4 bras) when I discovered the vast array at Motherhood---sports bras, standard bras, sleep bras. I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store. And the most expensive one was $25! Yippee! Of course I haven't bought them yet. Evan was acting a fool and Zach was starting to fuss, so we fled the mall with the intention of me returning alone to try them on before I buy the entire stock they have in my size. Which leaves only 2 tasks before my return: childcare (check! John !) and building up a frozen supply of breast milk (in progress!).

Other than that, I have nothing else to report. I am loving this boring life of mine!

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