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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I was so worried about Evan's reaction to having a new baby in the house after being an only child for almost 9 years. He isn't used to having our attention divided between 2 children. We have doted on him and honestly, he is more than a little over-indulged.
I could not have been more surprised! Evan adores Zachary. He begs to hold him, will not leave or enter the room with giving his baby brother a kiss, and could spend hours showing Zach how to manipulate the world around him. What is even more touching is watching Ev read to the baby. Zach is enthralled with his big brother's voice and will stare with wide-eyed wonder as Evan shares his picture books from his younger days with the baby. In the picture above, Evan was helping to guide Zach's hands toward the toys on his overhead gym. Zach has started to reach toward things, and Evan was giving him direction. What a Proud Mommy Moment for me!

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