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Friday, July 30, 2010

Scaring Random People

So I went to the hospital yesterday to settle the last lingering bit of the Pregnancy from Hell. I had to go to the cashier's window, and they pull your info up on a screen, and their little computer screen populates with the different accounts you have. Each visit is a seperate account, and I was hospitalized a total of 34 times between late-January and mid-May. The poor guy working the window! His eyes got as big as saucers and he got all pale on me. He croaked, "Can I ask what was wrong?" So I told him, and that made it worse. Turns out his wife is 19 weeks pregnant. Then he asked about my level of insurance, since our hospital offers three levels of coverage. He apparently has the cheapest while I had the best, most expensive (thank God!). I only ended up owing about $15K total, for everything. This would seem like a lot until I explain that my home health bill alone was $48K before insurance. So the bottom line is that despite my best efforts to reassure this guy, everything I said only made it worse. But I had to explain, because the poor guy was thinking that those charges were all routine for pregnancy, when in fact they are not and I am a freak of nature.
Maybe I just need to keep my mouth shut from now on.

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  1. yeah, people tend to freak out when they hear about challenging pregnancies (that's what I'm calling mine:). my friend cautioned her friend about reading my blog just for that very reason.
    you know though this guy asked for it. maybe it's a good lesson for him - maybe it's time he upgrades his insurance.