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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have Baby, Will Travel

Look, spit-up happens. As does leaking diapers. And just about any other clothes-soiling incident when you have a little baby.

This is just one of the thoughts racing through my mind as I try to pack our family up for a weekend at John's mom's house. What are the others?

The baby needs a safe place to sleep.

How many diapers will we need?

What if the house is too cool at night? Or too hot?

What about feeding? How much milk will need to store? How much supplementation will Zach need?

Zach will need something to do while awake.

The list goes on and on. So I am packing hot pajamas and cool pajamas, an entire can of formula, a whole large pack of diapers and a full container of wipes. Approximately 3 outfits per day. The pack'n'play. The overhead gym. Bottles and water and formula. Breastpump and storage supplies. My oatmeal and flaxseed and herbal tea and fenugreek and Reglan. The Boppy.

And this is all just for Zach. I just may need to rent a van!

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