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Thursday, July 22, 2010


So it only took 10 years. I followed him in the car as he drove it home, and realized that I am as fiercely protective of John as I am of my children. It's strange to realize this a decade into a marriage, but it's true. With every car he passed, with every twitch of his foot as he shifted gears, I worried for his safety as much as I do my young, vulnerable kids. Even though he is older than me. Evan though he can take care of himself. Even though the same hands he has used to diaper our children are also the ones that were tough enough to defend our country. This man is my world.

An admirer at the gas station struck up a conversation at the pump, and he beamed when he told the man, "My wife bought this for me."

And right now, I am just happy that he is happy.

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